By Yonela Winayi 

Anele Kwaza, 25, has recently passed grade 12 with a bachelors pass after 4 years of having left high school. Kwaza states that he attempted to pass matric for the first time in 2015 but only managed to pass with an H, which only merited a matric certificate. He joined the work force and started working as a petrol attendant as his matric symbol did not warrant any opportunities for him.

“I felt that at my job I was not living up to my full potential” said Kwaza, he mentions that he always yearned for the chance to return to school and upgrade his results.

Kwaza finally took the decision to go back to high school in 2019, he states that he was uncertain of the decision but felt that it would be the right step to take in order to secure the future he wanted. 

Last year he was admitted to Ntsonkotha Senior Secondary School for grade 12 where he wore a school uniform and sat at a school desk. This was an unpopular decision with his peers. It was a difficult task to go back to the classroom as he had spent 4 years working. “Being back in the classroom was tricky, I struggled to focus on the lessons” recalls Kwaza. 

A rusty concentration was not the only challenge he came across as he lost his mother within the first two weeks of school. As a result of the challenges he faced he ended up failing the first term, this discouraged him as it made him doubt his future. 

With the support of his teachers he got back up and dusted himself off. Kwaza said, “It was at the grade 12 camp that I started gaining confidence and started seeing beyond the difficulties.” He passed his prelims and was certain he would do even better in the final examination and that is exactly what he did! He has obtained a bachelors pass, made himself and those who believed in him very proud. He has applied for a law degree at various higher learning institutions as he wants to be a lawyer and continue to inspire all those that know his story.

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