Student chef’s simple Xmas dinner recipe

Paul Mphela

By Asavela Mbali

Are you looking for some ideas for Christmas dinner? Well you are in luck because Paul Mphela, a third-year student at Limpopo Chefs Academy, is sharing one of his favourite dishes.

He believes that since it’s holidays, people need to experience different kinds of food and it could be good to try different kinds of recipes. 

“I’m having a way in which I display my dish in my own style, so I’ll share with you my best dish ever and the recipe,” said Paul.

You will need raw avocados for salad with boiled carrots and roasted potatoes.

Method: Grate lettuce, finely chop onion, add tomato, black pepper, lemon juice, oil, mayonnaise, Benny spice and avocado. Mix all the ingredients. “Never add salt. It’s just simple and easy.” 

For the avocado salad: Boil the carrots, and have your braai potatoes on the side.

“Cooking is my passion and I’m a food lover so I chose hospitality…it has many job opportunities and is marketable,” said Paul.

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