Life sentence for rapist

By Asavela Mbali

On the 17th of December, The High Court of South Africa in Bhisho sentenced a 29 year old Sibusiso Woji to life imprisonment after he was convicted of raping a 41 year woman 3 times, a 19 year old girl and attempting of raping a 16 year old girl.

In February 2020 in Peddie, Lukhanyo Mthongana was at his home sleeping when he was woken up by Woji who broke into his bedroom. Woji took him by force to a house in the neighborhood and demanded that Mthongana knock at the door, he refused. Woji assaulted Mthongana and forced him to knock. The door was opened once Mthongana identified himself.

Woji abducted a 19-year-old girl and raped her. Mthongana called the police and led them to Woji’s house. The victim was rescued but Woji got away.

When Woji returned in the early the morning of the following day he saw a 41-year-old woman with her mother. He took her and forced her to go with him to Mthongana’s home to look for him and the 19-year-old victim and set the house on fire. He took the 41-year-old to her mother’s house where he raped her three times. 

Woji was searched for and arrested later that day at his home.

In addition to the life sentence for multiple rapes, Woji was sentenced to 20 years for arson, four years for two counts of kidnapping, three years for housebreaking with intention to kidnap, and to twelve months for assault with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm.

“I worked with a dedicated detective, Constable Hlekani from Peddie FCS who worked tirelessly and ensured that the accused is brought to book. With the help of our Court Preparation Officer, Ms Phelisa Matinise who assisted all the victims in this case to compile convincing victim impact statements, I managed to convince the court to impose the sentences as prescribed by the Minimum sentence Act 105 of 1997,” said Advocate Nocwaka Blorweni-Tokota.

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