Library activities to be suspended or limited

The CEO: Rumble Africa Promotions

In view of the increasing the numbers in the City, it has been noted that Libraries has had an increase in positlve cases in the past few weeks. The gathering of people in the Librarles and Municipal halls has a significant role to play in the Cities resurgence.

In the light of the above the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality convene a Command Council meeting where the following were resolved: All Library activities to be suspended or limit the number of people entering at any given day/time. BooKing of Halls to the public be suspended with an immediate efect, as these gatherings and events hosted pose a risk to employees.

For any clarities please contact BCMM Sport Manager Manelisi Lwana at 0836193301
Yours Sincerely
Manelisi Lwana

BCMM Sport Development Manager.


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