Warning on Ulwaluko

By NTU News Reporter

The Eastern Cape provincial government has warned that those who proceed with Ulwaluko during lockdown will be prosecuted. 

Police, municipalities and traditional leaders in the province have worked together to close over a dozen schools recently.

The traditional initiation rite remains suspended under level 1 lockdown and those who organise the ritual are in breach of lockdown regulations. 

A statement from Premier Mabuyane’s office said “We wish to inform and remind all the people of our province that Ulwaluko remains suspended in our province and in the country until further notice by government. 

“Anyone who embarks on Ulwaluko while it is still suspended by government, will be embarking on an illegal action. 

“We will continue closing down illegal structures set up for Ulwaluko and those people responsible for breaking the law will be prosecuted.”

Traditional leaders want the government to lift the ban to avoid a proliferation of illegal schools that can’t be monitored. They have outlined how the legal schools would follow covid-19 regulations such as wearing masks, hand washing and social distancing, and that all initiates would get medical checks and be tested for coronavirus before going to the bush.

The premier’s office urged people to be patient on the matter. “All of us must be united in saving lives. Government is looking into the matter and a decision from government will be communicated accordingly.”

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