Ghandi’s Great Grandson Dies

By Irshaad Gangat

The great grandson of Mahatma Ghandi, Satish Dhupelia, has died due to coronavirus related complications, three days after his 66th birthday.

Dhupelia’s sister Uma Dhupelia-Mesthrie confirmed that her brother died on Sunday, November 22, of COVID-19 related complications after he contracted the disease in hospital where he had been treated for a month due to pneumonia.

“My beloved brother has passed on after a month of illness with pneumonia, a superbug contracted in hospital and then COVID-19 also contracted while he was being treated. He suffered a major cardiac arrest this evening,” said Duphelia-Mestrie in a social media post.

Dhupelia spent most of his life in the media as a videographer and photographer. He was involved in assisting the Ghandi Development Trust to continue the work started by Mahatma at the Phoenix Settlement near Durban. 

Funeral arrangements have not been announced yet.

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