Time Management for Success

By Thina Dlamini

We are often told that time management is the key to success – Thina Dlamini looks at why and how.

Whether or not we attribute time management with rand value, like the saying goes “time is money” meaning that time is a valuable resource, it’s more important to do things on time than to do it at a later stage. 

We spend most of our time either at work or at school and even in life, which could lead to stress for not having enough time to do other tasks, for example articles, assignments, tests, exams and articles that need to be handed in on time.

There are a variety of techniques that can be used to tackle time management. Nowadays there are apps that you can download on Android or iOS devices which will help you manage your time efficiently. 

You need to have an open mind to have time management meaning you need to prioritize how you spend your day in order to achieve your goals. 

Here are eight reasons as to why time management is important:

1. Time is limited

2. You can get more work done by organising the time you have

3. Improved decision-making ability because you are more focused

4. Become more successful in your respective career

5. Learning opportunities are everywhere

6. Time management reduces stress

7. Have time to yourself

8. Self-discipline is important

The list gives analysis on the effect of time management. Good time management authorises you to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself in a short space of time. Handling your time properly gives you enough time to do other tasks.

Tools To Manage Your Time

There are many tools that can be used to manage your time such as:

1. Calendar

2. Note-Taking Software

3. Time Tracker

4. Diary to write your goals

5. Monthly Planner

6. Weekly Planner

7. Daily Planner

Five Things That Delay You from Having Time Management

1. Eliminate the unnecessary distractions.

2. Plan your work ahead of time.

3. Multitasking

4. Know When To Multitask.

5. Reduce interruptions

Time management is an important part of our daily lives, whether it be school, work or even life. In order to do well you need to manage your time efficiently.


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