Homeopathic health centre earmarked for EC seeks funding

By Irshaad Gangat 

The Eastern Cape is soon to receive its very own Khula Natural Health Centre. 

A site has been identified at Sunny South Village, a few kilometres from Kidd’s Beach in East London, and will be the first of these sites in the Eastern Cape. 

Khula Natural Health Centre is a charitable, non-profit, community upliftment organisation in South Africa that relies solely on donations to fund operational costs.

The local health facility will initially operate for one week out of every month and will be staffed by four registered homeopaths, translators and other ancillary and support staff. 

The health centre will be open to anyone who lives in the surrounding areas or who is prepared to travel to the facility. It will serve the villages in the area namely, Sunny South, Kuni 1 and Kuni 2, Good Hope, Qukhu as well as parts of the Mount Coke area. 

The community initiative sees patients needing to pay a minuscule R5 registration fee at the first visit,  thereafter all consultations conducted by the registered homeopaths and all medication dispensed will be for free.

“As yet we are still trying to get funding in order to start,” said Dr Loretta Ferrucci, a registered homeopath and also a member of the board of directors for Khula Natural Health. 

The Khula Natural Health Centre was established in April 2017 as a community homeopathic health centre situated in the village of Khula in rural KwaZulu-Natal (KZN).

“I want to create a place for homeopaths where they can work and serve the needs of the most disadvantaged people in South Africa. 

Homeopaths undergo rigorous training and to the qualification is a five years Master’s Degree.  Homeopathy is a registered diagnostic profession and as such getting homoeopaths (and other CAMS practitioners) into the primary health care system can significantly decrease the burden of care in our health care system,” said Ferrucci. 

The Khula Health facility in Kwa Zulu Natal is currently open for two weeks out of every month.  The initiative was started by Dr Nicoliene Potgieter-Steiner, a South African homeopath living in Switzerland and aims to serve a as a model for starting more such community health centres in rural Southern Africa.

Ferrucci added, “Because homeopathic medication is relatively cheap and because the whole lifestyle as well as psychosocial history and environment of the patient is taken into consideration during a consultation, improving the long term health and decreasing the risk of life style related chronic disease is possible.”

She further mentioned that homeopathic medication is relatively safe, and can be taken by patients who are on other chronic allopathic medications without side effects and adverse drug interactions which therefore means that patients on ARV’s, TB treatment, insulin replacement therapy etc. can safely take homeopathic medicines together with their allopathic medication.

“We have a massive health care need in our country and approximately 600 registered homeopaths who can be used to address some of that need. Patient screening can also be done effectively so that they can be referred to other health care facilities when necessary.”

The services that are available at the Khula Natural Health Centre, KZN will also be available at the facility in the Eastern Cape.

To assist with funding the local Khula Health Centre near East London you can contact Dr Loretta Ferrucci by emailing loretta@lorettaferrucci.co.za 

For more information you can visit Khula Natural Health Centre Facebook page
https://web.facebook.com/Khula-Natural-Health-Centre-127707967878514 or the Khula Natural Health Centre website http://www.khula.org/

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