By Mbulelo Sisulu

Before 1994 the rate of drugs use was low in the black communities. Things changed after South Africa got freedom.

Ntu News Media interviewed Madoda Siswana (54) regarding the issue of drugs that are affecting South African communities, especially in the black communities.

Siswana was a political activist back in the days when he was a student. He said that when he was a student it was very rare to see a young person using drugs.

“Before 1994 most of the young people were busy looking things that can liberate the country. There was not time to use drugs because our aim was to get freedom. Our parents were busy in their working places and when they come from work they want to see you busy with your school work,” he said.

He mentioned the fact that to prove that the rate of drugs was very low back then he says look the former athletes of the 70s and 80s.

“Our former athletes were very clean when it comes to drugs. They were using their pure talent.

Things changed after 1994. I think freedom changed many things because there are so many human rights. Most of the former athletes who were playing in the 70s and 80s are successful business people. Some of them are leading in different spheres in government because they never killed themselves by drugs. But if you can look now some of former athletes who were playing after 1994 are roving around the townships. They do not have something to do because they used drugs during their playing days. Then drugs victimised them,” he said.

Siswana also mentioned the fact that after South Africa got freedom, the rate of drugs use went very high.”Please get me right. I am not xenophobic. There are people who come in this country illegal and they come with drugs.

Those drugs are used by our children. Look, in the social media are there children who beat teachers during school hours. Those children are under the influence of drugs. And if you compare our time and these days, there are so many school dropouts because of drugs. If our government wants to change this country there are human rights that need to be changed,” he said.

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