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The World was never prepared for the pandemic known as the COVID 19. The similarities between the entrepreneurial eco-system and the uncertainty of the pandemic are uncanny, resulting in hustling on a daily basis.

Through this sad economical condition, companies within South Africa will be retrenching staff resulting in more entrepreneurs entering the SMME sector within construction.

Where a 30% minimum SMME portion, as per government legislation in construction related work has over time, will make or break a contract for the primary contractor. All entrepreneurs need guidance and a positive influence from mentors who have successfully built sustainable businesses over time.

The effectiveness of the ih virtual mentoring program within the construction sector to date will encourage SMME’s during the COVID 19 period. The pre tendering workshop is to educate and empower the SMME within the construction [general building (GB) and civil works (CE)] sector as below: 

  • Building business acumen;
  • Become compliant as a contractor;
  • Estimating (brickwork; tiling; paving hand excavation; concrete in footings; formworks; paintwork; plastering; roofer; ceilings; prime and premix);
  • Complete tender documents; 
  • Carry out pricing and scheduling; 
  • Complete an interim payment certificate; 
  • Perform production forecasting and monitoring; and 
  • Develop quality control systems.

ih Group is offering the Pre Tendering workshop during COVID 19 as a two day interactive mentoring programme, where each SMME will be able to acquire new knowledge as well as be made aware of their shortfalls in business.

One of the major benefits of these mentoring programs is through the interactive training method. The SMME will have a solution customised to improve the quality of the entrepreneur in line with the business needs.

In the latter part, as an optional extra an impact monitoring system to survey the performance for the programme over a 3, 6 and 9 months duration is available. The outcome of the monitoring system will give the clients a measuring tool, including reports and ultimately provide mentoring advice for the SMME during the three most critical phases in business.

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