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The Eastern Cape health department has launched a testing and tracing campaign after the recent outbreak of COVID-19 at the University of Fort Hare’s East London campus. 

30 students tested positive amid allegations of non-compliance to alert level 1 regulations where masks were not worn, social distancing not observed, washing and sanitising of hands was not done at the tavern in Quigney, East London on 3rd October 2020. 

This non-compliance was also evident on the 10th of October 2020 where the “10-10-2020 Bash” was held in Quigney.   

Most of the students that tested positive are from the nursing science faculty and to a lesser degree the law faculty.

To date the number of active cases are closer to 30, but results are still streaming in.

The COVID-19 positive students have been quarantined and isolated at the Alice campus where the university had set aside a residence with 134 rooms.

Students that have attended the parties confirmed that lockdown regulations were not adhered to. 

Patrons who were at the tavern were allegedly more than 300 in number, some allegedly been drinking from one bottle and dancing close to one another.

Two students who tested positive went home, one to Mount Fletcher and the other one to Reeston, East London. Tracing Teams in both districts Buffalo City and Joe Gqabi were able to locate them. 

The higher education department has been alerted of the developments at Fort Hare University.

The Eastern Cape department of health urges everyone to remain vigilant as coronavirus is still amongst us. 

People are encouraged to always wear their face masks, keep to social distancing, wash their hand regularly for more than 20 seconds, sanitise their hands and be tested if they exhibit the symptoms of COVID-19

A spokesperson for the department of health, Siyanda Manana, said “As the fears of the second wave of COVID-19 there might be a resurgence of the pandemic. People are also urged to avoid places where there are large crowds. We have seen an increase in the numbers as the levels of lockdown are reduced by government, however people seem to think that COVID-19, is no more.

People are advised to be responsible for their health.

For more information contact:

Siyanda Manana

Head of Communications

Cell:  0833781646


Judy Ngoloyi                                                          

Media Liaison Officer

Office of the MEC    

Contact: 073 117 6194 / 060 564 5389    


Tandi Mapukata 

Spokersperson of the University of Fort Hare 

Cell: 064 896 639


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