One-on-One with Afro Maskandi Thami Mathe

By Thina Dlamini

Thami Mathe is popularly known as the best versatile backing vocalist and choreographer and is well known for working with the South Africa’s finest Maskandi artists including Phuzekhemisi, Nomdakazana, Thokozani Langa, Amathenanywo, Bahubhe and Zanefa Ngidi.

Thami Mathe started his journey in the arts as a theatre artist where he worked with production companies such as Umoja where he worked with different theatre artists. His work has taken him to countries such as China, Japan, Qatar, Benin Republic and Ethiopia.

He is already crowned by many as the King of Afro Maskandi, Thami Mathe’s debut album has been warmly received by the public.

Unfortunately due to his busy schedule his manager answered some of the interview questions for him. 

  1. Where was Thami Born?

Thami Mathe was born in Enyandeni to a Xhosa mom (Mpondo) and he grew up with his Zulu dad (iBhaca).

  • What inspired him to become a musician?

He was born into a talented family.  He has worked with Nomcebo Zikode, Phuzekhemisi, Mbuzeni, Ichwane Lebhaca, Zanele Ngidi, Nomdakazana, Amawele ka Mamtshawe, the list is endless.

  • What does Heritage Month mean to him?

To Thami Mathe heritage month means embracing our African roots as black people and upholding them for future generations to come.

  • How can we as the general public and fans of his music vote for him?

Thami Mathe is nominated for two Eastern Cape Music Awards in two categories: Best Male Artist and Best Song of the Year. In order to vote you need to SMS (ECMAS, Name of potential nominee (Thami Mathe) and the category (Best Male Artist or Best Song Of The Year). Smses to vote cost R1.50.  The closing date for voting is 22 November 2020.  The ECMAS will be taking place on 5 December 2020.

  • What advice would Thami Mathe give to people who would love to join the industry?

Firstly, they should know that music is a calling. They mustn’t come into the industry expecting money and fame the money and fame will surely come at a later stage.  It all takes hard work and dedication to the work you are doing.  Patience is key and you need to be willing to make sacrifices. The industry needs someone who respects.

  • Where can people find Thami Mathe?

You can find Thami Mathe at the following handles:

  • Facebook:                             Thami Mathe SA
  • Twitter and Instagram:         @Thami_Mathe
  • Reverbnation:                       Thami Mathe
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