Night vision cameras for East London to curb speeding

By NTU News reporter

Buffalo City has installed new cameras along the North East Expressway (NEX) in East London in an effort to reduce speeding and accidents. 

The night vision cameras use radar and can pick up a speeding vehicle from 30 metres away.

They are part of the road upgrades along the NEX and one of three sets that are being installed across the city.

The municipality chooses areas with the highest number of collisions to install speed cameras.

The BCM traffic department also sets up mobile speed traps daily in critical identified areas and has also established a Speed Enforcement Unit to manage these.

Recent studies have found that most fatalities in vehicle collisions are caused by the severity of the impact and high speed.

Speed cameras act as a deterrent and mitigate against some of these factors, particularly speeding, BCM said.

Motorists are encouraged to check fines via the “Check my fine” website or people can visit the Braelynn Traffic Department, Office room 25 to check their fines.

The City also collects fines through the Automated Number-plate Recognition (ANPR) Bus System whereby summons can now be printed and paid via speed point on site.

The BCMM Automated Number-plate Recognition (ANPR) bus is equipped with technology used to read vehicle number plates and detect offences registered under those vehicles.

People are urged to report vandalism of the cameras to the traffic department or nearest police station.

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