uHadi The Documentary by SiveBuhle Media to Rock EC

By Irshaad Gangat 

Sivuyisiwe Giba, 37, hails from East London, in the Eastern Cape. Giba has been producing documentaries for 10 years and owns SivuBuhle Media. 

“I was in the feature film industry but I realised that it was not exactly where my heart was and also I wanted to gain skills on how to be a filmmaker. I got an opportunity to study at big fish in 2013 and never looked back from there. I worked at another documentary film production company to gain more business insights and in 2014 started my own company which I am the co-founder and director of SivuBuhle Media and uHadi under the company is the 3rd documentary that we are producing,” she added. 

Giba was funded by the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) and ECPACC for her documentary titled uHadi. “uHadi is an Indigenous Musical Bow that was played in the ancient times by woman in rural villages in the Eastern Cape. uHadi is self-made and the only way you can learn it is by watching others play it.” 

There is a simple process when applying all one needs to do is visit the NFVF website and then select options under funding and it will lead you to an online application where one can apply online. 

Giba adds that, “ uHadi investigates the ancient pioneers who play uHadi and performed around the world from the likes of MamNofinishi Dywili and the Queen of uHadi MamMadosini as well as Ngqoko Woman Ensemble and other indigenous performers that are young who have taken it upon themselves to preserve and celebrate our traditional music heritage using uHadi.”

Giba maintains that storytelling through documentaries means to be real, as it shows the heart of a character by creating an awareness as a form of educating the audience about a certain topic of importance. 

“For example with uHadi I want to show the audience the history of uHadi and the pioneers who took the indigenous instrument and Xhosa Traditional music to the world around the globe but yet they are still not in the commercial mainstream and you find that they could be exploited because of being illiterate or lack of understanding how music rights operate and or how the digital space works” she said excitingly. 

Praying to God is the biggest inspirations in Giba’s life. “Without God you can’t do anything and that is what I do first thing every day” she said. The passion and the responsibility that SivuBuhle Media has to get messages across to audiences is what drives Gabi to push no matter the adversities. Documentaries are a way to solve problems and to make sure that those problems are addressed.  

Giba mentioned that there is room for more documentary producers in the country. “Ohhh Absolutely plenty of room open in fact documentary is one of the mediums that hardly a lot of filmmakers go into as it is actually not easy to produce than feature film, she said.  

Other than working on uHadi SivuBuhle Media is working on a script for a documentary series which will be an “Indigenous Documentary Series.”

uHadi has also developed into a participatory project whereby Indigenous Online Virtual Events will be hosted. 

The first virtual event kicks off on September 24 in Ngqoko Village and thereafter the virtual events move onto Libode, Port St Johns and Bizana. 

For updates on the online events and uHadi you can follow uHadi-The Documentary on facebook.

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