Nyakan (TWOW) launches historic Pan-African funding tour for African SMEs

By Irshaad Gangat

Covid-19 has had a significant impact on the business world and its employees. Often having to lay off staff, reduce salaries or close businesses. Nyakan June, Founder of Timeless Women of Wonder (TWOW) is enabling entrepreneurs to access capital at a time when business financing has been put to a stop by mainstream funding organizations, as they seek to readjust to present realities.

The First ever Pan African Funding Tour is being hosted by Timeless Dynamic Services Ltd and its partner Courageous USA. The objective of the Tour is to empower, support and link African enterprises with global investors. 

TWOW also known as the Timeless Women of Wonder Foundation, assists over 700 enterprises in 6 countries to have a chance to be empowered, trained and supported to access funding from the United States of America (USA). “African enterprises from Kenya, Rwanda, Malawi, Botswana, Zambia and South Africa have undergone business development and advisory support to develop resilience during the Covid-19 period even as they build confidence to pitch for funding before the US investors”, said Molly Mwaniki. Regional programme manager of TWOW.

The Africa Funding Tour is a project which is founded and hosted by Timeless Dynamic Services Ltd together with their partner Courageous USA. The vision of the Fund in Africa is to support the SMEs of Africa to grow their businesses and contribute towards economic development of their countries. “During this Covid period, financing has been a key challenge for SMEs with cost of mainstream finance being too inhibitive for enterprises,” said Mwaniki.

She added that, “We believe that the fastest and most sustainable approach for Africa to grow economically and socially is by empowering its youth, women and enterprises. The Tour seeks to achieve this. The Africa Funding Tour brings funds together from numerous investors from all over the world.”

The Africa Funding Tour benefits Small to Medium Businesses and Enterprises from all sectors, investors from various countries and the economies within Africa.

An SME can apply to join the Africa Funding Tour via email projects@twowafrica.com  

Timeless Africa Funding Tour 2020 dates:

Kenya: 3rd – 4th August
Rwanda: 6th  – 7th August
South Africa: 10th – 11th August
Malawi: 13th -14th August
Zambia: 17th – 21st August
Botswana: 24th – 28th August

Entrepreneurs hoping to get involved can find more information on the Timeless Women of Wonder website: https://twowafrica.com/ or the organizations facebook page: @TWOWAfrica

Nyakan June, founder of Timeless Women of Wonder Africa (TWOW), and Dr Rollan Roberts CEO of Courageous USA receive pitches from entrepreneurs during the Timeless Africa Funding Tour 2020

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