A successful march

By Andile Nxele

When the residents of Hamburg were faced with the problem of shortage of water, even the adverse weather could not dampen their spirits as they marched through the Main Road yesterday. Residents claim that they found themselves having to live without water for a very long period of time. This was due to electricity that was cut off by ESKOM after no payment was received from Amathole Municipality. They disconnected the pipe connections that are powered by electricity because of the non-payment.

This crisis brings with it a number of problems to the residents because if there is one household that has a tap open, it becomes impossible for that family not to allow other residents to fetch water from their tap although that will result in high water bills for the owner. “How can I enjoy having water in my yard when other residents are suffering? I have to help them, although I know that will hit very hard on me when it comes to the payment of Municipality water bills.” one resident, Matshezi Beje, said.

The march was not in vain although not all their problems were resolved, even after the arrival of officials from ESKOM. Also, the water that was brought by the trucks was a case of ‘too little, too late’ as it was not going to be enough for all the residents of Hamburg. The angry residents are complaining that this water problem has been dragging for a long time, in so much that there are areas that had not been having water since March. 

“Water is among the vital substances on earth that are needed for the survival of plants, animals, and human beings.” 

Residents of Hamburg held a successful march links to videos below

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